Online screening

Do I need special software to view the film?

The film is offerd as mp4 file. Most video software can play this format. If you do not already have a video player that can show the movie you can always download the vlc video player here. The vlc player can be downloaded for free.


I want to pay with my credit card, but there is only a PayPal button.

We process credit card payment through PayPal. Just proceed with the PayPal button and use your credit card to pay.


I paid for the film. What now?

Within 24 hours of having received and verified your payment you will be sent a link that leads you to the download of the film.


How long will it take to download the movie?

It depend on the speed of your Internet connection. With a fast conection you can download the film within a few minutes.


During the download my Internet connection was interrupted and I only got a truncated file. What shall I do?

Just repeat the download.